3 Card Brag

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For card players in the UK the poker boom which began in 2003 brought with it opportunities to play online poker against others from around the World. While this was a fantastic thing for all concerned one game took a back seat while the popularity of poker grew and grew.

3 Card Brag online

The game in question is of course 3 card brag which was the most popular game played just about everywhere from pubs to offices, homes to hotels. It’s a simple game all about bluffing and really does sort the men from the boys.

Recently there has been some fantastic news for fans of 3 card brag because at long last this traditional card game has made its way in to the main stream and is available to play online against other players for real money, just like you would poker.

The fact that some major UK bookmakers web sites have picked up on the fact that there is a huge gap in the market for brag is being very well received by anyone who has ever participated in the 3 card game, which to be honest is just about everyone!

The game as the name suggests gives players 3 cards and the aim of the game is to get the best hand and win the pot. Some unfamiliar rules apply such as being able to bet blind which means bet without looking at your own cards! While this may sound absurd it only costs half the bet amount to bet blind, so it does have some advantages against those who have looked at their dealt hand.

3 Card Brag is all set to be the next big thing, classic games in general are making a huge comeback online and this is one addition to the choice available that is sure to be a success. Three card brag fills a gap that can be filled by those who simply love to play cards and don’t want to be hassled with the constant strategy and bravado of poker, it’s simple, it’s great fun, it’s 3 card brag.

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