Poker Strategy

Knowing Your Odds

Knowing the odds of getting the card or cards you need to have a winning hand is a big factor in successful no limit Texas Hold’em poker. If you can calculate your chances of drawing the card you need for a straight, flush or full house, those odds should influence … more

Freeroll MTTs and Other Crazy Games

Freeroll tournaments, almost all of the poker rooms are providing them nowadays. You don’t need to pay to play them, and you get the change to win real poker money. Too good to be true? Read all about it here!

MTTs – The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of

Multi table poker tournaments are the stuff that dreams are made of. Ever since amateur poker player Chris Moneymaker won $2.5 million dollars at the WSOP in 2003 for a $39.00 buy-in, millions of players the world over have tried to emulate his achievement – not only in the major … more

Pocket Aces Lose Sometimes So How To Play Them?

Pocket Aces are obviously the best pair to be dealt pre-flop, but more than one in five times they are going to get cracked, and knowing how to bet your hand to make sure that you maximise the pot without risking a stack of chips boils down to a series … more

Luckyace Rakeback Bonuses

Rakeback is one of the most under-utilised bonuses available to online poker players, primarily due to the limited number of sites on which it is available or the qualifications some poker rooms enforce before you can benefit from it. If you are not already subscribing to a poker room that … more

How and When to Best use Player Online Poker Points

Most online poker rooms now offer a player bonus scheme whereby you collect points by playing cash games at their tables, which you can then use to enter qualifiers to larger competitions. Some of these tournaments can be quite lucrative, for example a few player points could set you on … more

Online Poker Freeroll Information

If you register with enough online poker rooms, there is the opportunity to play in over 40 freerolls each hour. Some sites may require that you have made a deposit with them, other games may be limited to players of a certain nationality and many could be qualifiers for a … more

The Art of Folding

When playing poker, either online or live, knowing when to fold your hand is one of the key elements that will increase your wealth. For as many times as you fold your hand, only to see the card drawn on the river that would have completed the flush or straight, … more

The Value of Chasing a Flush

On occasions, you may find yourself going into a flop holding suited cards to see two of the three cards subsequently drawn belonging to the same suit. Whereas an inexperienced player might assume that the odds of getting the final card to complete the flush are “evens” (Two cards to … more

How To Beat Bad Poker Players Online

Playing poker against weak players on lucky ace poker should be extremely profitable, but do you often find yourself shipping chips to players who have no idea of what they are doing? This can be a huge frustration for players that are dedicated and try to improve their own game.

Of … more

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