Freeroll MTTs and Other Crazy Games

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Freeroll multi table poker tournaments are where many of today´s top online poker players developed their game and some even started their bankroll. As an incredibly popular introduction to multi table poker tournaments, freeroll games offer the chance for a poker player to enter a competition for no cost, and with the chance to win a small amount of cash or qualify for a much larger event. It sounds too good to be true – and it is!

The larger freeroll multi table poker tournaments attract thousands – sometimes tens of thousands – of players to the tables, each with the dream of winning one of the coveted top prizes or a seat in a major tournament. These players get conditioned to the way in which these games are played, where there is no sense of financial loss because it cost nothing to enter – just your time to play it. Consequently they never get a true image of the skill and discipline required to do well in “real” multi table poker tournaments – and often fail miserably if they do qualify for a larger tournament.

If you have not played in a freeroll recently, think yourself lucky. The current influx of new players (and many of the old ones), approach freeroll multi table poker tournaments in a far different way than players did a few years ago. As there are so many freeroll games starting at any given time on the hundred of poker web sites one can subscribe to, there is no point (in their eyes) of hanging around for a good opening pair, stealthfully developing a substantial pot and maximising an opportunity. No – all in with 7-2 offsuit, and if they connect, they have an advantage in this freeroll so will continue to play it. If they are eliminated, five minutes later they will be playing the same hand in the same manner on a different site. Freeroll multi table tournaments have deteriorated from the training grounds they once were, and cannot be relied on to replicate the quality of play and skill one needs in an MTT where there is a cash buy-in. Effectively, poker freerolls do not teach you how to play poker, just crazy Games!

To say the glut of freeroll competitions is a conspiracy by the online web sites to attract players to their tables is taking it a bit too far. But if you were a poker web site that generated an income from the rake collected, would it not be better for you to have a lot of people (eventually) paying to get on your site, failing in their attempt to win money and trying (and paying) again? This is what happens when players feel that they are doing well in freeroll multi table poker tournaments and want to mix it up a little with the big league. They may only dip their toe in the water with $20 or $50, but the many thousands of players who “dip their toes” make it worthwhile for the web sites to offer a thousand or two in freeroll prizes every weekend.

So, where are the top players now? Still playing freeroll multi table tournaments? You might think that if they are that good, it would be easy money for them – filling their pockets at the expense of the poker sites generosity. No, they sensibly took their $20, $50 or $100 prizes and went to find out how to play multi table tournaments properly. If you are reading this article, it is fair to guess that you would like to do the same. The answer is to study multi table poker strategies, invest $20 or $50 in yourself and stop playing freeroll MTTS and other crazy games.

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